Mothers Day

May 10, 2017 Chris Dawson

The kids wake up early, hoping not to wake mom.

Dad gets up to supervise the cooking.

Brunch is delivered to mom in bed.

This is how's it's done, and has been done for decades.

It's usually something simple like burnt toast, egg, OJ, maybe some rashers on the side.

This year lets do something a little different.

Don't worry, you can still burn the toast if you want.

Cloud Eggs

A simple upgrade to eggs that looks amazing

To whip up the cumulus-y creation, just separate the yolk from the whites. Whip the whites until they’re stiff and arrange them in a puffy mound with a small well in the middle on a parchment-lined cookie sheet (or on a piece of bread, if you like). Bake at 450 degrees for a few minutes, then gently plop the yolks into the center and bake for a few more minutes.

You could serve this on toast, nann, or by itself.

You can customize this with a whole range of salts, (truffle), herbs, spices, hot sauces, from the store here. We have lots of ideas.

Don't forget to pick up a Peace by Chocolate, box of chocolates for mom while you're here. She likes those too.



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