Nordic Lamb Curry

August 18, 2018 Chris Dawson

It's always amazing and exciting when you find new ways to combine different spices to liven up a dish that you've done before.

Today's post comes from a show that was on PBS this morning called Nordic Scandinavian Cooking.

What I really found exciting was using a  combination local of flavors and spices to create a brand new spin on a well-known dish that is not from the area.

The one spice or herb that we can't get in the store is birch leaves. But it looks like they are available at better co-ops and natural food stores, sold as Birch Leaf Tea.

You can find Dill Seeds, Caraway Seeds, Mustard Seeds, and Fennel Seeds, here at the store, or online

You can find the recipe HERE.

Have fun, and enjoy the flavors.



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